In 1972 Mullinahone Co-op became the sole distributor in Ireland for the Allflex range of animal identification products. Allflex Europe S.A.S, established 40 years ago, with it's head-office based in Vitre, France is engaged in the manufacturing of animal identification systems and specialise in plastic eartags. They market their products in 55 countries world-wide supplying 500m pieces per annum.

The Allflex Group has been committed to the development of use of electronic identification for Official Livestock Markets for over 10 years. The company's aim is to offer a commercial solution to cope with the increasing demand for fast and accurate data capture in the livestock industry and to comply fully with Statutory Regulations on animal identification.

As a group Allflex has committed substantial human and financial resources to this development to ensure the ease of application to newborn animals. The Allflex Systems offer the facility for fast and accurate data capture and its transfer to a central database that could be under the control of a states competent authority, a standard requirement of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1760/2000.

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Mullinahone Co-op has made a significant investment in creating state of the art computer/manufacturing systems, together with a warehousing, packaging and distribution centre. This is further backed up by a multi-million investment by Allflex to meet the ever-increasing demands of official animal identity schemes.

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