Mullinahone Co-op is the oldest registered independent working Co-op in the country, established in 1893, and, unlike the majority of the small Co-ops in the 60s and 70s, did not amalgamate into the larger entities such as Avonmore, Waterford, Dairygold etc., but decided to go it alone.

In order to survive and create badly needed employment in a mainly rural area, Mullinahone Co-op had to be innovative and progressive and diversify, and as a consequence today there are four main divisions in Mullinahone Co-op:-
  • Compsey Creamery Society Ltd covering Milk Assembly, Soft Cheese Manufacture producing a wide range of Soft Cheeses, Soured Cream, Mascarpone, Yogurts, Fromage Frais and Crème Fraiche.

  • National Distribution Company distributing a wide range of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary products, and Livestock Handling Equipment, to Agri and Hardware stores throughout the 32 counties.

  • (In the Shadow of Slievenamon Mountain)

  • Eurotags - Animal Identification products: Sole Supplier of plastic eartags, under the National Bovine Identification Scheme, in respect of the 2.2 million Bovine calves born each year. One of the leading suppliers of eartags under the National Schemes for the Identification of Sheep and Pigs.

  • Mullinahone Oil - Distributor of heating and road diesel fuel to the local Community.

The Group employs 87 people at present.